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Comcast Signals More Active Role in Piracy Fight

With NBC Universal poised to link up with the U.S.'s largest cable ISP, Comcast will have plenty of new reasons to strike a tougher stance on piracy. And with a proven willingness to come down hard on perceived abuses of its network, that could spell changes ahead. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts offered some thoughts during a recent talk in Washington, and Datamation has the story.

WASHINGTON -- For all the uncertainties about what the combined company would look like if Comcast and NBC Universal are permitted to join forces, one thing is clear: Comcast will be a much more active participant in the debate over how to deal with pirated content on the Internet.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts this morning hinted that the nation's leading cable ISP could take a more active role in fighting against illegal content passing over peer-to-peer networks.

"The whole question of piracy, we are now going to be on both sides of that issue," Roberts said in an on-stage interview here at the State of the Net conference, an annual tech policy event hosted by the Congressional Internet Caucus.

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