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Google to Acquire Global IP Solutions for $68m

Google has entered into an agreement to purchase Global IP Solutions, a Norwegian company that provides technology to improve the reliability of real-time voice and video communications over the Internet.

Why would Google want to shell out $68 million for GIPS? The answer starts with Android, Google's open source mobile operating system. But Google also maintains its own VoIP service, as well as its omnibus Voice telephony product.

Then, too, there is a competitive angle, as GIPS licenses VoIP and video-conferencing technology to many of Google's rivals.

VoIP Planet takes a look at Google's acquisition of GIPS.

Search giant Google has made an offer to acquire Global IP Solutions, a Norwegian firm specializing in technology supporting real-time audio and video transmissions over the Internet.

Global IP Solutions' (GIPS) board approved the $68.2 million cash offer, a 27.5 percent premium over the company's value at the close of the last full trading day on the Oslo exchange.

For Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), the acquisition will deliver technology that GIPS has licensed to many prominent U.S. tech companies, including several companies Google competes with, to support VoIP and video-conferencing applications.

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