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Lucent Unveils Remote Access Communications Device

Lucent Technologies introduced today an Internet software product that enables users to access their e-mail, listen to and answer voice mail messages, and place phone calls simultaneously over one standard phone line.

The Virtual Telephone is client software that resides on a user's PC or laptop, enabling the integration of voice and data communications from remote locations.

"Virtual Telephone is the next stage in voice over IP. It combines the cost savings of Internet telephony with new features that enable remote workers to have complete control over their voice and data communications--over a single connection--no matter where they are," said Kathy Meier, general manager of Internet Communications, Lucent.

Users can control incoming calls via the product's Personal Call Router. The Router allows users to accept some calls while transferring others to a voice mail system using a Windows-based interface.

The product also includes speed dial and last number dialed features, a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-compliant personal phone book, and access to LDAP-compliant corporate directories.

Virtual Telephone runs on PCs equipped with Microsoft Net Meeting 2.1, and an English-language version will be available in July. Additional languages will be supported in future editions.