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SOS PRO Combines Data Protection, Internet Filtering

Sterling Strategic Solutions announced SOS PRO, a software package that combines Windows 95 data protection with powerful Internet filtering technology.

SOS PRO is designed for network administrators to customize Windows 95 settings, drives, and desktop configurations, as well as secure computers from accidental or malicious tampering.

"Prior to developing SOS PRO, we undertook a significant research effort to identify the specific filtering, configuration and protection functionality that businesses need in today's rapidly evolving Internet age," said Andy Aweida, director of business development for Sterling Strategic Solutions. "The result is a unique and highly customizable software solution that seamlessly integrates an advanced Windows 95 data protection and configuration utility with a powerful and versatile Internet filtering program."

SOS PRO's integrated browser aims to enable businesses to prevent employees from viewing unwanted material, using an advanced blocking technique that scans pages before displaying them. The vendor says that the software can distinguish between searches made for legitimate reference purposes and those that are deliberate attempts to find sites with objectionable content.

Site licenses are available for SOS PRO. More information can be found at its Web site.