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SolidSpeed, Cable & Wireless Go to the Edge

Cable & Wireless and SolidSpeed Networks have signed a one-year agreement for the deployment of SolidSpeed's servers across Cable & Wireless global IP network.

SolidSpeed will deploy content delivery servers at strategic locations on the edges of Cable & Wireless' global network, thereby expanding the reach of SolidSpeed's content delivery network.

"The deployment of SolidSpeed's servers at the edge of Cable & Wireless' global IP network ensures that SolidSpeed can deliver its customers' content more efficiently and to a wider audience," said, Alan Gibbs, president of Cable & Wireless North America.

Under the terms of the agreement, SolidSpeed will deploy its servers in U.S. and international locations on Cable & Wireless' global IP network. In each location Cable & Wireless will provide Gigabit Ethernet connections between SolidSpeed's servers and Cable & Wireless' IP network.

"Cable & Wireless owns and operates one of the most robust global IP networks in the world, "said Neil Dueweke, CEO of SolidSpeed Networks. "With the reach and robustness of Cable & Wireless' global network, SolidSpeed can leverage these strengths to deliver an improved end user experience."

According to Zona Research, business web sites may be losing as much as $4.35 billion per year due to long download times and web page failures. "We typically provide a web site with a 5x reliability and up to 10x speed improvement, thereby minimizing the loss of viewers to competitors," says Dueweke.