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New Gauntlet Firewall Has 10x Performance Improvement

Network Associates released Gauntlet Firewall 3.0 for Windows NT, noting that its new technology shows a 10-times performance improvement without compromising security.

The new technology is scheduled to be extended to all Unix and NT versions of Gauntlet later in the year.

"Gauntlet has always been the most secure firewall for Windows NT," said Wes Wasson, director of product marketing for the Net Tools Secure division at Network Associates. "Now it is also one of the fastest. The advent of Adaptive Proxy technology means the longstanding tradeoff between speed and security is a thing of the past."

For futher information about Adaptive Proxy architecture, readers should see the white paper on the vendor's Web site. Briefly, the technology maintains security standards but can dynamically "adapt" packet flows on the fly based on user-defined security rules to achieve its performance improvements. The vendor is claiming that Adaptive Proxy architecture is a fundamental breakthrough in firewall design.

Gauntlet 3.0 for NT offers plug-and-play proxy support, which lets customers add new proxies as soon as they become available rather than waiting for custom patches or new versions of the software.

Network Associates said it will commence shipments of Gauntlet 3.0 for Windows NT on October 31. It will be free of charge to current Gauntlet users under the vendor's subscription-pricing model.