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Turbolinux 7 Server to Hit the Market

Turbolinux Inc., Wednesday announced that the next release of Turbolinux Server is on the way.

Based on Linux Kernel 2.4, Turbolinux 7 Server offers 64 GB of memory, a journal file system, a 128-bit SSL library, and 32 SMP support.

It is scheduled to begin shipping on December 7.

Turbolinux is focusing on enterprise business needs with this release, as it tried to design this version of the server with extreme flexibility and functionality in mind.

"Turbolinux 7 Server offers businesses a highly secure, high-performance operating system," Pete Beckman, vice president of engineering for Turbolinux said in a prepared statement.

Key features in Turbolinux 7 Server include: large file support, logical volume manager, and multilanguage support and international certification.

Turbolinux 7 Server's large file support capabilities enable users to transfer files up to 4 TB. According to Turbolinux, the increasing use of Linux in animation production and for scientific clustering, as well as the continued growth of PC/x86 hardware for those applications, illustrates the need for large file support.

The logical volume manager provides flexible disk volume management and enables organizations to manage storage in a logical manner. For example, customers can combine several disk drives to function as a single disk to extend storage capacity.

Turbolinux 7 Server offers multilanguage support and is the first Linux product to conform to the basic-level specifications of the LI18NUX 2000 pilot program. (LI18NUX is a voluntary working group consisting of Linux and open-source-related contributors working on the internationalization of Linux distributions.)

To further support internationalization, Turbolinux 7 Server is also compliant with the new Chinese code standard, GB 18030, which China has mandated any software application released for the Chinese market after September 2001 support.

Turbolinux 7 Server is based on Linux file directory standards and has passed the FHS test suites.

Amy Newman is managing editor of sister site, ServerWatch.