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F5 Acclerates Web Content and Optimizes the WAN

F5 is converging its application and WAN optimization solutions into a new unified offering, known as the BIG-IP Application Acceleration Manager (AAM).

"Web optimization is on the front end side of things and includes content transformation and minification, but there is also a protocol that needs to be optimized," Dawn Parzych, product manager at F5 Networks, explained to Enterprise Networking Planet. "HTTP as a protocol is inefficient, which is why we have looked at protocol performance optimizations."

The Web Performance Optimization bits of the AAM take advantage of multiple techniques to optimize web content, including what is known as minification. Parzych noted that minification techniques can remove whitespace and comments from HTML code, JavaScript, and stylesheets. Less code needs to be downloaded and understood by the web browser, speeding up the overall delivery and rendering process.

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