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Google Launches Sustained-Use Cloud Pricing

Google is re-architecting how cloud instances are sold. In the typical cloud model, on-demand based pricing for virtual resources is always more expensive than if a developer buys some form of a reserved instance.

In order to bridge the gap between reserved and on-demand virtual instances, Google is now introducing the idea of sustained-use discounts. In the sustained-use model, an on-demand Google Cloud user will get a discount after a virtual instance is used for a specific amount of time. The sustained-use discount kicks in after a virtual machine has been used for over 25 percent of a given month. According to Google, the sustained-use model will provide users with a 53 percent price reduction over existing on demand cloud resource pricing.

Google is also expanding its cloud services with the launch of Google Cloud DNS. Rival cloud vendor Amazon has been offering its Route 53 Cloud DNS service for several years.

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