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Implementing BYOD Saves Cisco $$

Brett Belding, senior manager of IT mobility services at Cisco, explained to Enterprise Networking Planet that Cisco mandated the use of BYOD in 2009. Cisco encourages employees to use devices for both personal and corporate use.

"We have a very pragmatic policy for usage, which is, so long as you don't exceed the average inside of the company, feel free to check Facebook, do corporate email, or jump on a WebEx meeting," Belding said. "If you come back with a massive bill, then your manager is going to dig into you about why you have a bill that is so big."

Cost savings were realized from support as well. While intuitively it makes sense that as the number of supported devices goes up, so too would support costs, the opposite is true in Cisco's case.

"In the last two years, inside of Cisco, we have doubled the number of devices we support," Belding said. "We're now up to 66,000 BYOD mobile devices and we have lowered our support costs by 25 percent over the same period."

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