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AT&T Rolls Out DSL Service for ISPs, Businesses

AT&T Corp. Tuesday announced it had begun Digital Subscriber Line market trials with business customers and said it will offer wholesale DSL service to Internet service providers starting in September.

AT&T plans to have more than 1,200 DSL points of presence within the next year and will deploy DSL over its own facilities as well as those of other DSL providers.

Once AT&T's purchase of the IBM global network is complete, AT&T will also work with business customers currently testing DSL on that network. AT&T's buyout of IBM's network is scheduled to close by the end of the second quarter.

Kathleen Early, president of AT&T Internet Services, said the DSL initiative recognizes the fact that customers want to choose from a range of access options.

"AT&T is uniquely positioned to offer a range of end-to-end IP connectivity solutions. Whether it be DSL, cable modems, wireless, dedicated or dial-up IP access, AT&T understands that customers require a variety of Internet access options...," she said.

The service aimed for ISPs will be available in speeds from 144 kilobits per second to 1.5 megabits per second. Initially, the service will be offered in nine markets, although AT&T did not elaborate.

"ISPs using this service will be able to offer their customers -- consumers and businesses -- much faster connections to the Internet, contributing to the already competitive market for high-speed Internet access," said Barbara Peda, president of AT&T Wholesale Services.

AT&T currently has DSL trials underway with business customers in five markets and IBM global network customers in four markets are testing the service.