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Planet Direct Introduces New Portal for ISPs

Planet Direct Tuesday announced its new Seamless Online Portal, offering ISPs expanded branding opportunities by doubling the amount of "real estate" on a provider's subscriber start page.

The new portal assists ISPs in building subscriber and brand loyalty by increasing daily visibility and offers ISPs the opportunity to market products and services to Planet Direct subscribers.

"Planet Direct's Seamless Online Portal has not only simplified navigation for our subscribers, it has also increased our site's appeal with rich content and community building features," said Janet Michehl Frace, marketing manager for PenTele Data.

"I'm pleased that we have already seen an increase in our member retention and we expect to see a increase in advertising revenue as well."

Planet Direct's Seamless Online Service provides ISPs links and messaging capabilities to communicate with subscribers. ISPs can also use Planet Direct's links to more than 380 cities nationwide to provide subscribers with localized community information.

"Having partnered with ISPs for nearly three years, we have a clear understanding of their goals to drive membership and increase retention," said Dick Orlando, senior vice president of distribution for Planet Direct.

"The Seamless Online Portal is an evolutionary step to support our ISP affiliates by giving them a solution to interact more frequently with subscribers as they focus on their core business - reliable access and superior service."

Planet Direct, a majority-owned subsidiary of Internet incubator CMGI, Inc., is a free, personalized Web service provided to and co-branded by more than 650 ISPs.