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IVI Rallies ISPs to File for Leased Access

Don Janke, president of Internet Ventures Inc. Wednesday warned the Internet industry at that failing to achieve leased access of cable broadband facilities will result in long-term exclusion of broadband access for Internet Service Providers.

Speaking at Spring ISPCON 99, Janke urged ISPs to rally around the leased access cause. IVI maintains that cable systems are currently permitted to maintain a monopoly on access to their physical plant for Internet services.

"The small to mid-sized ISPs who make up the bulk of the 5,000-plus Internet service providers in this country would be particularly affected." Janke said. "If cable is permitted to retain its monopoly, it is conceivable that only a handful of ISPs may exist in the not-too-distant future."

"It is imperative that this industry be united in this battle," according to Janke. "The cable industry is spending millions of dollars to prevent competitive access, because they understand the impact it could have on their core business."

Janke added that ISPs need to become similarly cohesive and actively pursue a level playing field with cable carriers by filing for leased access.

IVI has applied formally for leased access carriage under Section 612 of the Communications Act as amended in four markets of Washington and California.