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LDC Introduces X-Content Filtering Server

Log-On Data Corp. introduced its X-STOP Internet Content Management Server to Internet service providers Wednesday at ISPCON Spring 99 in Baltimore.

The plug and block technology is a powerful filtering system that lets parents choose what their children can view on the Internet. The application monitors and blocks adult-oriented and offensive Web sites, newsgroups, e-mail content and unsolicited bulk e-mail.

Administrators can readily adjust the design of the block on their servers to include bomb-making and drug-making instructions in addition to X-filtering. Because the program is TCP/IP based, the filtering server can be used with any platform.

"X-STOP R2000 is the only solution that delivers the performance foundation necessary for ISPs and businesses," said George Shih, president of Log-On Data Corp. "With the growing demands from concerned parents and business owners, X-STOP's new filtering engine delivers a wider diversity of features to keep objectionable Internet content away."