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AGIS, RealNetworks Join to Deliver Streaming Media Broadcasts

National backbone provider AGIS Monday reached an agreement with RealNetworks to provide additional capacity and enhanced delivery of streaming media broadcasts.

Under the terms of the deal, Real's Real Broadcast Network will deploy its broadcast hubs in AGIS's network. RBN streaming media broadcasts piped through the AGIS network will deliver RBN Internet broadcast programming directly from AGIS' network to consumers and ISPs.

The direct delivery of RBN programming through the AGIS backbone to consumers will improve the transmission and reception of user-requested content. The network integration helps RBN meet the high bandwidth needs of Internet broadcasting, and enhances the delivery of the streaming Internet programming for the audience.

"The demand for audio and video over the Internet has grown substantially over the past two years," said AGIS Vice President of Sales Gene Rollins. "We're committed to meeting the needs of customers who want a rich multimedia experience over the Internet."

"RBN is focused on offering the largest possible Internet audience a more satisfying multimedia experience," said Ian Freed, Real Broadcast Network's general manager. "The combination of RBN's distributed multi-tiered Internet broadcast network with AGIS' high-speed backbone delivers a more reliable viewing or listening Internet experience for end-user consumers from wherever they may be accessing the programming."