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CompuServe Facelift Adds Personalization Features

Inktomi Corp. and six new Web centers designed to give CompuServe members and visitors a guide to the best of the Internet. The web centers offer shopping guides, sporting news and more.

In order for CompuServe subscribers to enhance their personal Internet experience, the revised gateway now includes personalized news services, updated local weather, stock quotes and favorite links to specific areas of interest.

The Inktomi-powered search upgrade now includes a "CompuServe Best Picks" feature, in which CompuServe suggests their best choices of more than a thousand of the most frequently conducted queries.

"In recent focus usability testing, adult consumers chose CompuServe.com over other leading portals because it offers greater organization, clarity, and instant access to features such as weather, news and stock market information," said Audrey Weil, CompuServe's general manager.

"CompuServe.com also gives visitors greater ability to customize content and services, which should make it an increasingly popular destination site on the Web for both CompuServe members and the wider Internet audience."

Weil added that the increased traffic that the enhancements are expected to generate will pave the way for new online commerce and marketing partnership opportunities.

CompuServe provides Internet access for approximately 2 million members worldwide. CompuServe is a wholly owned subsidiary of America Online Inc.