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Akamai Rolls Out Free Bandwidth-Enhancing Service For ISPs

Akamai Technologies Friday introduced FreeFlow ISP, an innovative program that cuts bandwidth expense and improves performance for Internet carriers.

ISP participation in deploying the FreeFlow program is free, due in part to Akamai's Web content clients demand fast access to their respective sites.

Akamai has also announced the close of a $35 million second round of private financing. The new financing will enable Akamai to expand its network.

"For many ISPs, bandwidth is their single greatest expense. Akamai helps them reduce this cost, while improving their customers' satisfaction because popular Web sites download faster," said George Conrades, Akamai chairman and chief executive officer. "No other company is offering these benefits to ISPs for free."

FreeFlow was unveiled in January by scientists from MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science. Currently, Akamai's worldwide fault-tolerant network consists of more than 500 servers on more than 20 networks, and has a total capacity of more than 10 gigabits per second. According to Akamai, their servers provide enough throughput to support peak demand of the world's 25 top Web sites combined.

In the first week of May, Akamai reported to have served over one-quarter billion hits per day and 350 megabits per second as an average during peak hours. The extraordinary volume utilized 3 percent of Akamai's total capacity.

ISPs simply permit Akamai to place their servers inside the carrier's point-of-presence and the participating ISP will cut bandwidth expenses and improve performance for Internet access customers.

Akamai's servers are complementary and non-intrusive to an ISP's existing infrastructure. An ISP's routers, access concentrators, and caches improve performance with FreeFlow because Akamai's network only stores up-to-date content.

Teleglobe reported that their servers supporting access to a hundred ISPs in nearly as many countries have benefited greatly from the added efficiency of the Akamai FreeFlow ISP program.

"Teleglobe's Globeinternet customers demand that we provide them with the best price-performance for Internet connectivity," said Bob Collet, Vice-President and General Manager for Data Services at Teleglobe.

"With Akamai's servers deployed throughout our global Internet backbone network, we are able to offer our customers significantly improved access to premium Web content and media."

OzEmail, one of Australia leading ISP's has also benefited from adding Akamai's FreeFlow servers to their network.

"OzEmail loves Akamai's ability to speed up access to popular content for our Internet subscribers," said David Spence, President and COO of OzEmail.

FreeFlow servers are built on a standard PC-based architecture running Akamai's proprietary software. Minimum requirements for an ISP to participate in the FreeFlow program include DS3 connectivity to upstream service providers and an environmentally controlled, secure facility.

"Akamai's offer creates a win-win for content providers and ISPs," noted Jonathan Seelig, who oversees the Free Flow ISP program and is Akamai's vice president of strategy and corporate development.

"ISPs cut costs and speed the delivery of popular content for their end-users while enabling Web site owners to maintain full control of their content."

Akamai, pronounced ah'kah'my is a Hawaiian word for intelligent and clever. Informally, Akamai means cool.