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ISOCOR, IBM Release ISP Messaging Software

Aimed at providing outsourced messaging solutions for Internet service providers, ISOCOR and IBM Tuesday unveiled ISOCOR's N-PLEX Internet Messaging server software for IBM's RS/6000 server.

N-PLEX is a server capable of handling large-scale, high-volume messaging requirements. Supporting millions of users, N-PLEX can address specific ISP and enterprise requirements with integrated standards-based directory services and management facilities.

ISOCOR and IBM have worked jointly together to port N-PLEX to AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system, the companies said. The messaging server software is designed to provide ISPs and business clients with reliable, high-performance outsourced messaging services with sophisticated message archiving features and "anti spam" protection from unsolicited bulk mail and computer viruses.

N-PLEX features a distributed message architecture that allows a large volume of users to be spread across multiple servers throughout a wide geographical area within a single domain. This enables all Internet mail users to share the same mail domain name, even though their actual message mailbox is located on another server with a different IP address and domain name. In addition, all components of N-PLEX can be monitored remotely from one central management station.

N-PLEX for AIX is available immediately through IBM, IBM Business Partners or from ISOCOR directly.

"We are delighted to be able to deliver our flagship product, N-PLEX Messaging Server, to the IBM environment -- allowing ISPs to leverage IBM expertise in server, storage and clustering technology," said Paul Gigg, ISOCOR's president and chief executive officer.

"We believe that together, our products can provide a winning combination of mission-critical scalability and high-performance ideal for any ISP providing the value-added services required by today's Internet community," Gigg said.

"Today's announcement means that IBM can now provide ISPs and enterprise customers which use ISOCOR's messaging and directory software with an advanced hardware platform for mission-critical Internet applications," said Debra Thompson, vice president, segments and product marketing, IBM RS/6000. "The RS/6000 provides the high level of scalability and reliability that the fast-moving ISP market needs."