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Globix, AOL Form Peering Partnership

Globix Corp. Thursday sealed a deal to become a peering partner in America Online Inc.'s TeraPOP Internet traffic exchange.

Peering is an arrangement between two Internet service providers to pass traffic directly between one another to a destination on the other's network.

The peering agreement means that AOL members don't need to travel through multiple exchange points when accessing Internet locations hosted by Globix.

"The Globix/AOL peering agreement will provide a real benefit to AOL members and Globix clients," said Marc H. Bell, Globix president and chief executive officer.

"Our agreement with AOL reinforces the Globix position as a leading provider of comprehensive and sophisticated Internet solutions."

AOL built the TeraPOP exchange point around Cisco Systems Inc.'s Gigabit Switch Router in 1998. TeraPOP is capable of moving over 4,000 megabits of information in and out of the exchange point every second. To move data quickly, AOL used multiple OC-12 connections that are capable of moving 622 Megabits of data per second.

TeraPOP peering partners include Internet providers AboveNet Communications, Comstor Network Services, Concentric Network, Conxion, Exodus Communications Inc., Geonet, GTE Internetworking, PSINet, ServInt Internet Services, and WINSTAR Communications.