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Star Trek Goes High Speed with EarthLink

Paramount Digital Entertainment and EarthLink boosted their co-branded StarTrek.net Internet access service to warp speed Wednesday when they launched StarTrek.net DSL.

After getting together in February to launch their StarTrek.net dial-up service, the two companies set their sights on bringing Trekkies into the DSL fold, betting that fans of the highly-popular SF brand will embrace the technology.

Star Trek fans tend to be on the leading of technology, and EarthLink is right there with them," said Bill Heys, executive vice president of sales at EarthLink. "StarTrek.net DSL, with its Star Trek-specific content, is the perfect solution for the Internet-savvy Trekkie."

EarthLink is offering the DSL service at an introductory price of $39.95 a month for the first six months of service, and no setup or equipment fees (with a 12 month commitment).

As with the dial-up StarTrek.net offering, the DSL option includes a Star Trek-themed browser, a StarTrek.net e-mail address, desktop customization options and exclusive access to specially-created Star Trek content. In addition, subscribers will get EarthLink's 24/7 technical support, spaminator anti-spam service, 20 hours per month of dial-up roaming access, and Click-N-Build personal Web site building tools.

Customers can get the service through a number of channels in the United States and Canada, including the StarTrek.net Web site, and by calling 1-866-TREKLINE.