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Cymo.com Launches with Free Internet Access

Community portal Cymo.com launched Tuesday with tidings of free Internet service through a partnership with CMGI-owned 1stUp.com Corp.

Cymo.com's clients can download the free Internet application from Cymo.com's Web site. Consumers who download the application receive unlimited access virtually anywhere in the U.S. or Canada in exchange for keeping 1stUp.com's compact, movable navigation bar on their screens during the free online session. This navigation bar presents users with small advertisements as well as links to Cymo.com and other sites.

Cymo.com is designed to give users online experience without the clutter by integrating content from media and Internet companies to provide new users with a free portal to the Internet and a single source for content and community services.

Cymo.com is the latest partner to implement 1stUp.com's technical solution. AltaVista Co., the first partner to offer free access through 1stUp.com, recently reached 1,000,000 subscribers in just four months, making AltaVista FreeAccess the seventh largest ISP in the country.

"Soon enough, free Internet access will be as prevalent as free e-mail. It is crucial for community-based Internet sites to take advantage of this opportunity to provide their members with a totally free Internet experience," said Yzan Sadeq, co-chief executive officer of Cymo.com.

1stUp.com, a majority-owned operating company of CMGI Inc. (CMGI), offers consumer-oriented businesses ad-supported Internet access solutions.

Cymo.com's content mission is to integrate the information, activities, products and services into separate channels.