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Freei.Net Enhances Home Page with InfoSpace.com

Freei.Net Tuesday announced a plan to make its Web site sticky by forming a co-branding agreement with InfoSpace.com.

The free Internet service provider and the search company known for its yellow page directory plan to produce a content-rich portal to offer Freei.Net's subscribers a new platform of information and customer services.

New services include white and yellow pages search capabilities, stock quotes, national news headlines, maps and travel guides.

Naveen Jain, InfoSpace.com (INSP) chairman and chief executive officer, said by using its infrastructure, Freei.Net can head to the front of the pack in terms of customer services.

"Using InfoSpace.com's infrastructure services, Freei.Net is able to offer its users one place to get all the services they need on the Internet," Jain said.

Bob McCausland, Freei.Net president and chief executive officer, said InfoSpace.com would enhance its user interface and keep their customer coming back for more.

"Freei.Net is always looking to offer its users an easier, faster, better online experience. InfoSpace.com gives our users just that," McCausland said.

Based in Seattle, Freei.Net is a privately-funded ISP serving more than 1,500,000 subscribers. The service is one of the few free and anonymous access providers in the nation.