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Patrick to Head Up AOL Wireless Unit

America Online Inc. Thursday appointed Dennis Patrick as president of AOL Wireless.

The new division will be responsible for developing America Online's (AOL) wireless strategy and operations, including new initiatives and partnerships.

Patrick had been serving as a senior advisor to Bob Pittman, AOL president and chief operating officer. Prior to joining America Online, Patrick served as chief executive officer of Time Warner Inc.'s (TWX) telecommunications division and is also former a Federal Communications Commission commissioner and chairman.

Pittman said posting Patrick to head-up its wireless plan is part of the "AOL Anywhere" initiative.

"Our members increasingly want access to the same convenient and easy-to-use information and tools available on the AOL service on devices beyond the PC," Pittman said. "We are committed to delivering these and other innovative services to our members over wireless networks."

Patrick said he was prepared to accept the challenge of building a wireless AOL.

"I am thrilled to expand my role at America Online with this exciting new opportunity to help build AOL Wireless," Patrick said. "The key to the success of AOL Wireless will be the same elements that have driven AOL's online success."

Late last year, AOL struck a three-year deal with Net2Phone, Inc. (NTOP) to provide Net2Phone with its AOL Instant Messager services as part of Net2Phone's wireless content expansion plan. The Internet content giant is eagerly preparing to complete its acquisition of MapQuest.com Inc. (MQST) as another essential stepping stone to expanding its wireless services.