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mPhase, AlphaStar Team to Deliver TV Content Over DSL

mPhase Technologies Inc. and AlphaStar International Inc. are teaming up to deliver satellite television content with Digital Subscriber Line broadband systems.

AlphaStar pulls local and global content and sends it to telcos over a small dish satellite. The mPhase (XDSL) DSL solution then distributes television content from the telco to households over standard copper wire. Because the content is delivered from the telco central office to consumers over the existing twisted pair copper telephone wire no infrastructure upgrades are necessary.

The deal is a big step toward providing telcos with television content in an attempt shift the balance of power away from cable providers. The network is a pioneering effort to create a new distribution medium for phone companies to compete with cable and satellite networks.

Ronald A. Durando, mPhase president and chief executive officer, said telcos could quickly provide customized content to customers.

"The ability to partner with a pioneer in the delivery of satellite broadcasting and Internet streaming digital content puts mPhase in a position to offer a complete solution to telcos nationwide," Durando said. "Using mPhase Television broadcasts, telcos can provide their own content to their customers economically, immediately and conveniently."

Mahmoud Wahba, AlphaStar president, said combining its global satellite coverage with mPhase's last mile solutions ushers in a new era entertainment distribution.

"Now 96 percent of Americans have the potential to get both local, global TV and radio programming via their existing phone connection," Wahba. "The potential to penetrate the global market is equally impressive."

Michelle Abraham, Cahners In-Stat Group senior analyst, said the deal takes advantage of broadband service growth that is expected to significantly increase over the next several years.

"Companies that can package value-added services such as interactive content and e-commerce will be well-positioned to seize a primary foothold in this burgeoning market," Abraham said.

The joint venture is located at the AlphaStar facilities in Oxford, Connecticut. The teleport is one of about a dozen facilities worldwide capable of uplinking and downlinking satellite feeds using Ku and C bands. AlphaStar is one-of-four Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite broadcasting companies. Its network provides telcos worldwide with interactive television and video content over a hybrid model of satellites and standard copper telephone wire.

mPhase designs digital television and high-speed data solutions for the telecommunications industry. mPhase's flagship product, the TRAVERSER, uses Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line (RADSL) technology to enable telephone companies to simultaneously transmit high-speed Internet access, up to 400 channels of digital television programming and traditional voice services.