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RMI, New Edge Networks Team to Deliver DSL Services Nationwide

Wholesale digital subscriber line provider New Edge Networks Inc. Wednesday partnered with RMI.NET Inc. to deliver its high-speed services to midsize and semi-rural markets nationwide.

Denver-based RMI.NET (RMII) intends to initially rollout it broadband access through New Edge Networks' DSL technology in the Pacific Northwest and Mountain States.

Douglas Hanson, RMI.NET chairman and chief executive officer, said New Edge Networks' business strategy gives RMI the opportunity to expand its market for DSL services that previously were unavailable.

"We believe that all American's should have access to high-speed Internet capabilities," Hanson said. "We also will provide customers with other Internet services, such as Web solutions and e-commerce, and that's why this partnership is so important."

Dan Moffat, New Edge Networks president and chief executive officer, said the partnership marks its largest deal with a national Internet service provider to date.

"This is a great day for both companies and for consumers in small, midsize and semi-rural communities," Moffat said. "With more than 100,000 customers nationwide, RMI.NET becomes one of our largest partners to-date and we're excited about opportunities to take the benefits of DSL technology to its customers."

Formerly Rocky Mountain Internet, RMI.NET is a full-service ISP serving more than 100,000 customers nationwide. The company reported annualized revenues of more than $50 million last year.