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NetZero Unveils Software Upgrade

Free Internet provider NetZero Inc. Thursday introduced its revamped client software as a second major enhancement for its more than 3 million users.

In addition to the NZ3 release, NetZero (NZRO) added new local access numbers bringing its total to more than 2,500 points-of-presence. The numbers are made available to users through NetZero's proprietary auto dialing technology, designed to eliminate busy signals by automatically selecting access numbers that are not overloaded.

NZ3 is designed to enhance the ISPs Web functionality for users. It features a completely redesigned ZeroPort custom navigational tool feeds the constant on-screen advertising programming for NetZero subscribers. The device provides instant speed-dial links to key Web sites and NetZero features.

Mark R. Goldston, NetZero chairman and chief executive officer, said the single click connections allows users to dock the ZeroPort at the top or bottom of the screen, maximizing available ad display space while keeping the user's toolbar completely unobstructed.

"This is the most thorough enhancement of our software since we launched in October 1998," Goldston said. "These enhancements deliver a better user experience, better connections, and more useful information.

Because NZ3 provides a dockable version for on-screen ad placement unlike the original floating ad version of the ZeroPort site, the enhanced programming automatically adjusts ads to fit the size of each user's Web browser.

Goldston declared that there are no more hidden windows.

"We're promoting greater interactivity with the ZeroPort by increasing its functionality as a toolbar." Goldston said. "As a result, it's easier than ever for NetZero users to find what they need, quickly and conveniently."

NetZero subscribers can also run ZeroPort access over existing, non-NetZero connections, including corporate local area networks. The programming adjustment means that non-NetZero connections through other ISPs can access users customized ZeroPort and My Z Start Web pages.

NZ3 also features instant search capabilities that are designed to keep users from exiting NetZero Web sites to surf the Net.

Current users don't need to do anything to receive NZ3 enhancements because NetZero's built-in an automatic upgrade function in the latest version of its software.