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EarthLink Expands PA Call Center Operations

EarthLink Inc., in addition to its normal Web hosting duties, will play host to grand opening ceremonies in commemoration of its new state-of-the-art call center.

EarthLink Monday secured a five-year lease for the home of its rapidly expanding call center operations in Harrisburg, PA.

Located in Dauphin County the new facility occupies 122,693 square feet and will provide a home base for more than 300 EarthLink technicians, Web-hosting and customer support representatives. The call center maintains an around-the-clock operation and has the capacity to become one of EarthLink's largest call centers, housing more than 700 employees.

Greg Stromberg, EarthLink executive vice president of employee services, said the new facility is an important part of the company's ability to support its continued subscriber growth.

"In the face of rapid growth, site scalability and a strong labor pool have been critical to EarthLink's success, and Harrisburg meets both these criteria," Stromberg said.

Stromberg added that opening the call center in Pennsylvania was the results of that state's aggressive push into hi-tech business operations.

"EarthLink is excited to expand its Harrisburg call center operations and help support Pennsylvania's statewide initiative to become a 21st-century technology leader," Stromberg said.

EarthLink's Harrisburg call center workforce will continue to service EarthLink's growing member base of approximately 3.5 million members. The call center handles more than 7,000 technical, Web-hosting and customer support-related calls each day.

More than half of EarthLink's 5,800 staff is dedicated to member support, providing customer and technical services from eight call center locations nationwide.

EarthLink's member support representatives serviced more than 5.2 million calls and e-mails from members last quarter, a milestone which Stromberg cited as demonstrable of EarthLink's commitment to customer support and services.