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AIR2LAN Inaugurates High-Speed Wireless Services

AIR2LAN this week commenced a national rollout of its high-speed wireless Internet access in Jackson, MS.

Looking to establish the firm as a major access provider, AIR2LAN is offering wireless broadband Internet access to home and business users at speeds up to 2 MB per second.

Jai P. Bhagat, AIR2LAN chairman and chief executive officer, said its high-speed wireless solution enables clients to enjoy all the benefits of broadband access without the time and expense of wireline installations.

"High-speed broadband access enables rapid transmission of video, audio and other multimedia files, as well as speeding e-commerce interactions and dramatically decreased web page download times," Bhagat said. "As the power and the reach of the Internet become pervasive, customers will increasingly be demanding this type of broadband service outside the office."

AIR2LAN is partnering with Internet service providers to provide wireless home and business access. Currently 84 percent of small businesses in the U.S. rely solely on dial-up connections for their Internet access. Bhagat said AIR2LAN is ramping up its broadband network to tap into the lucrative high-speed marketplace, where clients seek to cut their copper or coax expenses and go wireless.

"As the power and the reach of the Internet become pervasive, customers will increasingly be demanding this type of broadband service outside the office," said Bhagat.

"Analysts predict more than 11 million households will have broadband access by the year 2002. AIR2LAN's wireless solution also enables users to enjoy mobility within the premises as well as providing access more quickly and cheaply than wireline high-speed services," he added.

AIR2LAN offers a variety of fixed wireless products that enable high-speed access as well as LAN solutions to be rapidly deployed in offices, apartment complexes, and airports. The service features a permanent "hot" connection to the Internet, meaning users will not have to log on to obtain access and can be instantly notified when e-mail arrives.

Working with ISP partners AIR2LAN provides home access for customers with broadband connectivity to the Internet transported over license-exempt radio spectrum.

AIR2LAN technology utilizes a network comprised of "Mini Hubs" connected to "Super Hubs," which interfaces with the Internet through its ISP partners. The architecture enables ISPs to provide pockets of service to select areas without having to build-out their infrastructure for an entire metropolitan area.

Washington, D.C.-based independent research firm The Strategis Group reports that revenues in the wireless broadband market segment will soar 418 Percent in next five years.

John Zahurancik, Strategis Group vice president of broadband information, said the phenomenal growth would be predominantly fueled by service provides tapping into unlicensed radio spectrum.

"By 2003, we forecast that no less than 34 percent of U.S. households and 45 percent of U.S. businesses will be serviceable by broadband wireless networks," Zahurancik said. "Wireless broadband revenues will reach $3.4 billion in 2003, compared to 1999 revenues of $11.2 million."

High-speed business-to-business service provider Big Net partnered with AIR2LAN to provide Internet backbone connectivity in select markets. As a result of the deal, Big Net will provide 24-hour help desk support for AIR2LAN, as well as back office accounting functions.

Duane Rao, Big Net Holdings chairman and chief executive officer said advanced communication systems continue to evolve at a fierce pace, and wireless web applications are the next frontier for Big Net.

"The opportunity for Big Net to partner with AIR2LAN to offer h