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InfoMove Aims for Mobile Devices

Washington-based wireless Web enabler InfoMove Tuesday formed a strategic licensing partnership with neighboring InfoSpace Inc. to deliver localized information services designed for the mobile Internet enthusiasts.

InfoSpace's wireless Internet platform will provide InfoMove with a comprehensive suite of wireless Internet services, enabling it to enhance location-based information offerings tailored for the driving environment.

InfoMove chose InfoSpace's wireless for its ability to provide local information about restaurants and hotels, weather, stock quotes, e-mail, directories and maps.

Peter Holland, InfoMove president and chief executive officer, said InfoSpace's wireless Internet platform gives it the ability to deliver location-specific information to drivers.

"We have teamed with InfoSpace because they are a leader in providing the most comprehensive personalized and localized wireless services to mobile users," Holland said.

Naveen Jain, InfoSpace chairman said together with InfoMove it would change the way mobile users receive specific information based on their preferences and location.

"We are setting a new standard for the industry by providing the most comprehensive suite of services that's fit for any environment," Jain said.

InfoMove enables location-based wireless Internet information to be delivered into the car on palm-sized and handheld PC devices and WAP cell phones. Subscribers receive location based, vehicle-related applications like geo-located traffic data, turn-by-turn driving instructions, real-time vehicle diagnostics and monitoring, maintenance alerts, emergency assistance and concierge services.

Headquartered in Seattle InfoMove was founded in 1998. It has strategic relationships with content providers, technology developers and device manufactures, including BSQUARE, Inc. , Etak, Inc. for street data and maps, and the University of Washington. The company is working with leading automotive and device manufacturers to deliver its mobile services to customers in the third quarter of 2000.

InfoSpace is a leading global Internet information services company. It provides commerce, information and communication infrastructure services to wireless devices, merchants and Web sites. The company's affiliates include a network of wireless and other non-PC devices including PCs, cellular phones, pagers, television set-top boxes, online kiosks, and personal digital assistants.

Additional terms of the agreement were not disclosed.