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OneMain.com to Deliver Local Streetmail

OneMain.com and Streetmail.com Inc. Tuesday partnered to deliver local content to its 762,000 customers from Streetmail's weekly e-mail newsletters.

Both companies said the goal was to increase local news and other content delivered to small cities and rural communities throughout the U.S. The deal also represents Streetmail's largest distribution agreement to date with a national Internet service provider.

Under the agreement, OneMain.com's customers will receive Streetmail's local weekly newsletters that cover issues, ideas, and happenings in 80 markets that are generally under-served by online media.

Chris Dolan, OneMain.com president of content and strategic alliances, said agreement reflects a natural synergy between the two companies.

"Combining Streetmail's proven ability to deliver engaging neighborhood news with our geographic communities, or local portals, OneMain.com is now even better positioned to provide expanded local news and information to our customers who are often under-served by other ISPs," Dolan said.

Barbara Johnson, Streetmail chief executive officer, said people in smaller markets crave locally produced news, information and discussion that address what's really going on where they live.

"Streetmail meets that need," Johnson said. "This agreement, coming on the heels of the acquisition of our one-millionth subscriber, increases our reader base by an additional 70 percent, while helping OneMain.com build loyalty by delivering the kind of content their customers are requesting."

Streetmail delivers authentic online hometown news and views because each newsletter's writer lives and works in the community he or she writes about. Local correspondents create newsletters tailored to meet their neighborhood's online interests.

Streetmail is funded by advertising and e-commerce sales, making the service free for both ISPs and subscribers. It provides an interactive "town square" forum, where readers can post their reactions and opinions on local issues.

Streetmail will initially be offered in OneMain.com's integrated markets throughout California, Tennessee and Illinois. OneMain.com customers can currently access localized content from their geographic communities through deals that it reached earlier this year with MyWay.com and several local newspapers.

Over the next few months Streetmail intends to expand its market area by three to five publications each week through its partnership with OneMain.com, which will help guide Streetmail in identifying additional market opportunities.