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OneMain.com Extends National DSL Reach

OneMain.com Tuesday signed an agreement with New Edge Networks Inc in an effort to expand its national broadband services.

The agreement extends OneMain.com's reach throughout the continental U.S. It's anticipated that the agreement will be the springboard for OneMain.com's digital subscriber line, wireless and cable Internet access growth. The company currently has more than 5,000 broadband customers, primarily made up of a customer base in rural and remote areas of the nation.

Mike Read, OneMain.com president and chief operating officer, said the agreement extends the company's reach and ability to serve the growing demand for high-speed Internet access.

"Our agreement with New Edge Networks strengthens OneMain.com's broadband strategy and our ability to give our customers a greater choice in Internet service," Read said. "Working with New Edge Networks, we will be better equipped to meet the growing demand for broadband service in our markets, especially in those less populated areas under-served by other national providers. Simultaneously, OneMain.com remains committed to delivering high utility local content combined with quality connectivity.

New Edge Networks was awarded competitive local exchange carrier status in Arizona and Arkansas last week. With New Mexico certification pending, the broadband access provider has a potential footprint to operate in 48 states, and it is looking to expand its reach beyond the DSL access it currently provides in 15 states.

According to Brian McDonald, New Edge Networks vice president of marketing, the two companies have a similar goal of bringing high-bandwidth access to the smaller markets throughout the country.

"New Edge Networks is excited to work with OneMain.com particularly because we share a commitment to serve smaller markets and semi-rural communities," McDonald said. "Working with OneMain.com, we are better able to expand our reach and deliver the many exciting benefits of broadband service and help bridge the digital divide."

OneMain.com's expansion strategy has been to secure agreements with backbone providers to extend its high-speed reach. It also has similar agreements with companies like Covad Communications Group , Verizon Communications , SBC Communications, Inc. , and QWest Communications .

Earthlink Network Inc., announced early in June that it plans to acquire OneMain.com and its customer base by the end of the year.