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Ramp Networks to Sell Net Access Products in China

Ramp Networks Inc., provider of Internet access devices, announced today it signed a three-year $6 million agreement to sell and distribute its products to the People's Republic of China.

Specifically, Ramp Networks will be selling to the People's Republic its WebRamp and WebRamp M3t Internet access products, which are designed for easy installation and to enable quicker download speeds.

Chinese users have been currently connecting through single-access dialup modems at low speeds. Ramp Networks claims its WebRamp M3 products will triple these download speeds.

"WebRamp M3 and M3t are the perfect solutions for the PRC because they use regular phone lines and modems to connect multiple computers to the Internet. These products save users time and money by delivering Web browsing speeds close to those of digital technologies, and enabling multiple users to access the Internet through a single-user account," said Mahesh Veerina, founder and president of Ramp Networks.

Ramp Networks' products will be distributed by Hong Kong-based Synergy Computers & Communications Ltd. to Internet Service Providers, government agencies, corporate Internet users, and the small office/home office market throughout the People's Republic of China.