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EarthLink Unveils Premium Net Access Service

EarthLink Network, Inc. announced today a new premium Internet access service package that features advanced technical support, an extra e-mail box, and value-added software.

TotalAccess Gold is a premium add-on to subscribers of EarthLink's standard TotalAccess package that offers unlimited dial-up and ISDN access service.

The Gold package can be subscribed to now for $29.90 a month, which includes an additional $9.95 per month on the standard TotalAccess service priced at $19.95 a month.

The Gold package features guaranteed technical support, reachable via a toll-free 800 number; an additional e-mail account, in which the standard $9.95 set-up fee and $4.95 monthly fee are waived; and quarterly CD-ROM software, featuring business and enterprise programs as well as additional plug-ins.

Earthlink reports the first CD-ROM will include Adobe PageMill 2.0, Vital Signs Net Medic, and Symantec Norton Anti-Virus, as well as games, plug-ins, Internet utilities, and more.