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EarthLink Product Aims to Connect Newbies

EarthLink Network announced today the release of TotalAccess 2.0 for Windows 95, Internet access software targeted at new Internet users.

EarthLink said TotalAccess 2.0 features an intuitive interface and a simple registration process that is coordinated by a virtual tour guide. A series of short movies on topics such as "Connecting and Disconnecting," "Using email," "Using the World Wide Web," and "Using the EarthLink Toolbar" are also featured.

The customizable EarthLink Toolbar allows members to log onto their accounts, access online help and EarthLink technical support, change dial-in phone numbers or other account settings, and launch Internet applications.

TotalAccess 2.0 features third-party plug-ins, utilities, and tools that are automatically installed and configured so they are ready to use the first time a user launches the product.

EarthLink notes that the software also runs diagnostics designed to prevent common connection problems by identifying and fixing them before they occur. In addition, TotalAccess 2.0 detects missing Windows 95 operating system components and is designed to install whatever is needed for complete Internet access.

"Most other ISPs and online services take the Internet and dumb it down to what they perceive as their customers' level of sophistication," said Sky Dayton, founder and chairman of EarthLink Network. "We don't believe in spoon feeding our members like that, because that restricts where they can go and what they can do. Instead, we try to lower barriers to getting online and elevate newcomers' skills so they can harness the full potential of the 'Net."

A Macintosh version of TotalAccess 2.0 is slated for release in the second quarter of 1998.