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GTE Boosts "DiaLinx" Network, Services

GTE Internetworking announced today some significant upgrades to its DiaLinx nationwide remote-access network.

New enhancements include an expansion of International DiaLinx to 100 countries worldwide, the addition of 150 new points of presence (PoPs) nationwide, and ISDN capability.

Internationally, in conjunction with telco provider EQUANT, DiaLinx traffic will be carried via EQUANT's network to the nearest GTE Internetworking International SuperPoP. Traffic will then be routed to a customer's local area network (LAN) or to the Internet.

"With this aggressive expansion of our network and the additional services being made available for our DiaLinx corporate users, GTE Internetworking continues to show its commitment to making our remote-access services the most comprehensive and reliable offering available," said Patrick Kloepfer, Director, Remote-Access Services, GTE Internetworking. "With the launch of our International dial-up services we can provide customers with seamless, reliable access to the Internet wherever they travel."

The expansion of domestic operations means that DiaLinx service is now available via 400 dial-up locations in major metropolitan areas, with ISDN capability available in over 100 cities. Broader ISDN coverage is scheduled to launch by year's end, according to GTE Internetworking.

Additional remote access services offered to DiaLinx users now include managed authentication services based on the standard protocol RADIUS, and Microsoft's dialer/phone book software to facilitate easier connectivity both domestically and internationally.