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AOL Names "10 Most Wanted Spammers"

America Online stepped up its anti-spam campaign today on the heels of yet another lawsuit filed this week against a pornographic spammer.

America Online CEO Steve Case, during a speech delivered at the Jupiter Consumer Online Conference today, unveiled "AOL's 10 Most Wanted Spammer List," and said the company may seek federal legislation in an attempt to put spammers out of the business.

The 10 Most Wanted Spammer List includes: The "Notoriously Nasty" Spammer; The LoseWeight Center; Lovetoys Productions; CN Productions; Internext; AMV, Inc.; Softcell Marketing, Inc.; Paragon Marketing; American Eagle/PMA (no site); and Springdale Publications.

"Like the online consumer, we're fed up with spam," said Case. "We are adopting a block and tackle strategy against spammers. That is, we're going to block as many of their e-mails at the gateway as we can, and we're going to tackle them in court."

"The spammers on our '10 Most Wanted' list represent a severe impediment to the growth of the medium and are causing a significant depreciation of the experience for the average consumer. We look forward to taking them on one at a time."

In a suit filed on Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, AOL charged that Eddie Davidson and his Web Communications and Sex Web, Inc. firms are in violation of the federal copyright statute, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and the Virginia Computer Crimes Act.

Alleging that Davidson and his companies unlawfully transacted business under names like AOLsex.com, AOL said it is seeking damages and an injunction to prevent Davidson and the two firms from transmitting spam to AOL members that advertises sexually explicit Web sites.

The suit charges that the defendants used AOL's trademark, copied the design of the AOL.com Web site, and falsely included AOL's domain name in return addresses.

AOL also announced today it successfully concluded lawsuits filed on December 18, 1997 against Dallas, GA-based Squeaky Clean Marketing and Cyber Services.