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ModaCAD Signs Agreement with EarthLink Network

ModaCAD Inc. signed an agreement with EarthLink Network Inc. to jointly develop back-end Internet services for ModaCAD's emerging e-commerce initiative.

The companies said they will work together to jointly provide access to ModaCAD's first e-business content manager, which is being developed to bring numerous fashion retailers and manufacturers together at one Web site by utilizing ModaCAD's core rendering and content management technologies.

Intel Corp. and InformixSoftware Inc. have already signed on for the e- business project. Financial terms of the deals have not been disclosed.

Joyce Freedman, chief executive officer of ModaCAD said, "ModaCAD and EarthLink are synergistic companies with complementary technologies that will aid in our mutual efforts to exponentially capture e-commerce opportunities via the Internet."

EarthLink's primary responsibility will be to provide sufficient bandwidth to assure push technology downloads within acceptable data transmission times. EarthLink has also granted to ModaCAD an unlimited worldwide license to distribute the EarthLink Network TotalAccess starter kit. Potential users of ModaCAD e-business product without an Internet Service Provider will be offered free Internet connectivity for a 30-day trial period.

"ModaCAD has come up with a really innovative product that uses the Internet in an interesting way," said Julie Mantis, vice president of sales at EarthLink Network. "Since the project is reliant on the Internet to generate revenue, it says a lot that ModaCAD chose EarthLink as their partner to provide Internet access."

ModaCAD's core rendering and content management technologies enable computers to create photo-realistic synthetic 3D images.