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Delta Three Announces Net Calls From USA To UK

Delta Three, a subsidiary of RSL Communications based in Bermuda, announced the launch of commercial voice over the Internet services for users in the USA calling Europe.

The services are immediately available for calls to the UK, with up to 75% cost savings over conventional international calling. The vendor expects to reach 14 countries in Europe and over 40 globally by the end of 1998.

"Initially the major benefit will be price savings for traditional voice and fax, but longer term value added services, delivered by the integration of computing and communications, will completely change the conventional model of telecommunications," said Richard Williams, president and chief executive of RSL COM Europe, in a statement.

"By enabling us to by-pass high cost international termination rates, we can dramatically lower our cost of entry to hitherto closed markets in many parts of the world."

Delta Three's PC-to-Phone service allows PC users to access over 240 countries via the Internet at reduced rates. RSL COM subsidiaries will be distributing the PC-to-Phone software throughout Europe. It is already available on the Internet, from www.pc2phone.com. The free software enables any European Internet user to access the Delta Three Global Network.

RSL COM Europe operates in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal (with Maxitel), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.