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Lucent Unveils New Suite of ADSL Solutions

Lucent Technologies announced a range of new Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) solutions today at NetWorld+Interop, including a new chip set designed to enable both 56-Kbps and ADSL data transmission.

Developed for use in personal computers and standalone modems, the WildWire modem chip set is designed to allow both traditional analog or DSL users to access the Internet.

Lucent said a modem-enabled computer armed with the WildWire chip set can transmit data over any phone connection, even in those areas where DSL service is not yet provided.

The new offering employs Lucent's WildWire Digital Subscriber Line "Lite" technology which the company said downloads data at up to 1.5 Mbps, delivering data 30 times faster than analog modems without the need for voice/data splitters.

The WildWire chip set also features an auto-detect capability that Lucent said is designed to detect whether or not a central office offers a DSL connection. Lucent said the function is designed to enable the user to deliver data at the highest rate available, and eliminate the need to reconfigure PCs from 56-Kbps modems to DSL.

The WildWire chip set is a component of Lucent's new suite of ADSL solutions which also includes the WildWire IP ADSL Access System and a new family of ADSL magnetic components, also introduced today at N+I in Las Vegas.

According to Lucent, the WildWire IP ADSL Access System enables service providers to simultaneously deliver a second voice line, in addition to four other data lines, to the small office, telecommuting, and consumer markets.

The company said the new service allows providers to transform a single existing phone line into a broadband "mini-network," delivering high-speed data and voice services over Internet Protocol networks.

Lucent's new range of ADSL magnetic components allow simultaneous voice and data traffic to be deployed over an ordinary phone line without the need for a voice/data splitter at the user's home or office.

The splitterless technology leverages ADSL transformers, inductors, and low-pass filter in an effort to enhance modem performance. Lucent said the new system can eliminate much of the cross-talk interference that often plagues modem operations.

Lucent also said the family of magnetic components will be integrated with the new WildWire IP ADSL Access System.