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Canadian Company Granted Patent for "Call Waiting" Technology

InfoInterActive Inc. received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent & Trademark office advising that a patent will be granted to the company for its successful "call-waiting" telephone service for Internet users.

Halifax, Nova Scotia-based InfoInteractive also received a positive PCT Examination Report from the European Patent Office which will clear the way for the company to proceed with national filings in 80 countries worldwide under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

The InfoInterActive technology, called Internet Call Manager, provides Internet users with on-screen notification of incoming telephone calls--including caller identification--while their phone line is otherwise tied up when online.

The service solves the annoying problem of families and small businesses missing incoming phone calls during Internet use. The solution is also a fraction of the cost of leasing a separate phone line.

InfoInterActive markets Internet Call Manager primarily through large telephone and Internet companies, providing fully automated administrative, customer service, and billing systems.

Internet Call Manager service was launched in Canada in June 1997, and in the U.S. last month. Several major telcos are already offering the service, including Maritime Tel & Tel in Canada, and Cincinnati Bell.

In related news, Lucent Technologies introduced today a similar software solution that the company said will enable Internet users to receive call-waiting notification while online.