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Bell Canada Introduces Internet Call Display

Bell Canada announced it launched Internet Call Display, a service that allows customers to surf the Web without missing important telephone calls.

The new offering allows customers connected to the Internet via their telephone line to see a message displayed in a pop-up window showing the caller's name and number.

The user can then:

  • automatically interrupt an Internet session and take the call;
  • reconnect to the Internet automatically with a click of the mouse;
  • redirect the call to Bell's Call Answer service (or other voice mail service);
  • redirect the call to another local number;
  • send a message to the caller that the call will be returned;
  • or notify the caller to try again later.

Otherwise, the caller is transferred automatically to a voice mail service or given a message that the recipient is unavailable.

The service is targeted at families, telecommuters, and home-based workers who are medium- to heavy-Internet users.

"With Internet Call Display, Bell customers can use the Internet and stay in touch by telephone at the same time," said Jose Goulet, Group Vice-President, Consumer Markets and Sales. "It is a convenient and cost-effective way to surf the Web and receive voice calls over a single telephone line."

The service costs $5 per month and is initially available in selected areas in Ontario and Quebec.