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Quest Net in Frame Relay Pact With PSINet

Florida-based Internet Service Provider Quest Net Corp. today signed a $1.3 million, 6-year contract with PSINet Inc. under which PSINet will fit Quest with a T-3 (45 Mbps) frame relay service.

Quest said the addition will make the company one of the largest bandwidth regional ISPs in Florida.

"This contract gives Quest Net customers an extra 45 Mbps connectivity to the Internet cloud," said Camilo Pereira, President and C.E.O of Quest Net Corp. "PSINet's connectivity services, robust network and OC-48 backbone make them an ideal partner for us."

Terms of the agreement call for PSINet to supply Quest Net customers with high-speed access to PSINet's 400 Points of Presence (POPs) worldwide. The company said the new T-3 relay system will be able to receive more than 6 billion hits a day.

Denver, CO-based Quest Net is already a large ISP with POPs in 228 cities and 2000 clients. It also provides wide area network data transport services such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).