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Inktomi to Cache In With @Home

Inktomi Corp. added Internet via cable provider @Home Network to its growing list of customers today announcing an agreement under whic h @Home will deploy Inktomi's network caching and search engine technology.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Inktomi said its search engine technology will be integrated into the @Home portal site, and its Traffic Server network network cache software will be used to speed up data delivery via @Home's cable broadband network.

Inktomi also disclosed that the companies will jointly develop value-added services on top of Traffic Server's flexible software platform. The applications will be built upon Inktomi's scalable parallel computing tools.

"Caching and Internet search represent critical infrastructure components for @Home's broadband Internet offering," said Milo Medin, senior vice president and chief technology officer of @Home Network, in a statement.

"In the same way that @Home is leading the delivery of high-speed cable Internet services, Inktomi is leading in the design of scalable software for the network infrastructure. We believe Inktomi's technology, combined with cooperative development work with @Home, will be a benefit for both companies."

@Home recently made headlines with news that it will be acquired by AT&T Corp. through its complex acquisition agreement with TCI. The development sent @Ho me shares (NASDAQ:ATHM) soaring into all-time high territory.

Redwood City, CA-based @Home reported last week second quarter losses of $11.1 million or $0.10 per share compa red to $11.7 million or $0.10 per share for Q1, before a non-cash charge of $83.3 million. Reported revenues we re $9.2 million, a 60% increase over first quarter earnings of $5.8 million.

Last month @Home Chairman and CEO Tom Jermoluk told a National Press Club audience that his company was in esse nce developing one of the world's largest intranets, what he referred to as a "parallel Internet."

"We have a national infrastructure, with a high-speed fiber optic backbone that connects to the global Internet at a number of access points; that same backbone then links into coax cable systems. This fiber optic network is the heart of the architecture, and it is what we mean when we talk about 'broadband' technology," he said.

@Home was unchanged at 48 9/16 in early morning trading today.