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Flashcom, NorthPoint in Boston Area Access Deal

Flashcom, a national Digital Solutions Provider (DSP), today announced an expansion of its partnership with NorthPoint Communications, a new Data Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), to deliver high-speed Internet access service in the Boston area.

Financial details were not disclosed.

NorthPoint DSL service is intended to provide small and medium-sized business customers with high-speed, high-quality Internet access that previously only large companies could afford.

Flashcom's NorthPoint DSL service uses Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology to support high-speed data services over existing copper telephone lines. Symmetric DSL (SDSL) technology is designed to provide the same speed to and from the Internet, which is ideal for businesses that run bandwidth intensive applications such as Web hosting, video, and virtual private networks. Speeds are available from 160 kbps to 1.04 Mbps.

"Their guarantee of 99.99 percent packet delivery and latency of less than 10 milliseconds roundtrip in the local loop, allows us to confidently provide their service to our customers," said Brad Sachs, president of Flashcom, in a statement. "Our users are more sophisticated today and they expect full bandwidth at all times. With NorthPoint's Congestion Protection and Flashcom's Digital Network, our customers are assured of the best high-speed experience. We are proud to offer NorthPoint's fine SDSL service."