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AOL Taps Cisco For Switch Routers

Cisco Systems Inc. today said that America Online will use Cisco's 12000 series Gigabit Switch Router (GSR) to operate AOL's TeraPOP Internet traffic exchange point.

According to Cisco, its high-end routing, 12000 series GSR will improve both the speed and scalability of AOL's Internet backbone. The GSR is expected to also increase dial-access aggregation, expand Internet access, and provide greater connectivity of multiple AOL sites.

"When AOL needed to connect their new data center via multiple OC-12 (622 Mbps) links, the Cisco 12000 series with packet-over-SONET technology provided the most efficient engine to complete the job," said Don Listwin, executive vice president of Cisco Systems, in a statement.

"By deploying the Cisco 12000 series, AOL effectively increases their backbone bandwidth, delivering faster Internet access and response times to their customers."

AOL used the Cisco 12000 GSR in building the TeraPOP, the largest Internet exchange point in the world, to enable fast Internet access to its customers. By deploying packet-over-SONET technology in the Cisco 12000, AOL can effectively increase user capacity and provide faster response times for customers.

With the Cisco 12000 series, AOL is able to maintain multiple connections and direct, high-speed connectivity to Internet service providers (ISPs). AOL will also deploy the Cisco 12000 for intersite connectivity between data centers and for access to AOLNet, AOL's private dial-up network.

"AOL is currently supporting more than 730,000 simultaneous users, more than 18,800 Web hits per second, and continues to experience explosive growth," said Joe Barrett, AOL's vice president of Internet Operations. "With the Cisco 12000 gigabit switch router, we found an excellent solution to position ourselves for continued growth."