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Users Can Dial Up Infoseek And AT&T

Infoseek Corp. and AT&T today officially launched the "Infoseek Online Powered by AT&T WorldNet Service."

The online service can be found on the co-branded Communications Center channel on Infoseek's homepage.

Infoseek Online is designed to offer customers Internet access through AT&T WorldNet Service. Features include extensive content, free chat, and instant messaging. Additionally, users can find Web-page building tools, communication software downloads, and links to communications resources at the Communications Center, Infoseek stated.

Under terms of the agreement, AT&T will provide discounts to subscribers, as well as variety of applications such as anonymous voice chat and click-to-dial directories. Infoseek will highlight AT&T services throughout its Communications Center and on its homepage.

"By offering AT&T's reliable Internet access and newest communications services with Infoseek's extensive content, the two companies are making the Internet a new kind of communications tool," said Dan Schulman, President of AT&T WorldNet Service.

To promote the new service, Infoseek said it is offering new users 150 hours of Internet access per month at a special trial price of $9.95 per month for the first three months.

"Infoseek is giving users the reliability of the AT&T brand and a comprehensive suite of services on one convenient Communication Center," said Harry Motro, Infoseek President and CEO. "Ultimately, we're making people's lives easier on the Internet."

The partnership between Infoseek and AT&T was announced in May, along with AT&T's alliances with other portal sites Lycos and Excite.

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