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Surfree.com Premieres New Affiliate Program

Independent ISP Surfree.com, today announced the launch of the Premier Affiliate Program.

The program is designed so that Surfree.com acts as an outsourcer for portals who want to offer branded Internet access. Internet-based companies offer their users Surfree.com's unlimited nationwide Internet access for $14.95 per month through branded Web pages accessed directly from Premier Affiliate Web sites.

The company signed agreements with leading Web portals and publishers, including iName, AllApartments.com, Computer Currents, Daily Rocket, Match.com, MetaCrawler, National Enquirer Online, Tourbus, and Webstakes.com.

"Internet access is key to developing a complete service solution for portals or high-traffic Web sites," said Adam Portnoy, founder and CEO of Surfree.com. "A portal strategy is successful when it provides users with the best information and services on the Internet. Surfree.com is especially well positioned as large sites migrate toward offering branded Internet access."

All Premier Affiliates are provided with branded Web pages that are created and maintained by Surfree.com and integrated transparently into Premier Affiliate Web sites, the company said.

In addition to the Premier Affiliate Program, Surfree.com said its standard affiliate network serves over half-a-million banner impressions daily, promoting the $14.95 per month Internet access package to approximately 2,000 independent sites.