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Exodus, GTE Increase Traffic Exchanges

Exodus Communications, Inc. and GTE Internetworking, a division of GTE Corp., announced an agreement to work together in an attempt to increase overall network performance.

Under the agreement, the two companies agreed to pair up to increase the traffic volume at current network interconnection points and expand the number of exchange points between the networks to cover a wider geographic area within the United States.

Exodus hosts popular Web sites such as Hotmail, GeoCities, HotBot, SportsLine USA and Lycos. GTE Internetworking's current customers include America Online, InfoSeek, Los Angeles Times, ZDNet, The Boston Globe and hundreds of thousands of business and consumer customers.

"By reaching this agreement, both GTE and Exodus can continue to concentrate on maintaining the high-level of performance our customers have come to expect," Chuck Gibney, president business services at GTE Internetworking. "We're pleased to be able to work with Exodus to increase interconnections to meet the growing demands of the Internet."