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Survey Examines ISP Subscriber Turnover

A survey conducted by World Research, Inc. found that for the most part, consumers are happy with their Internet service providers (ISPs).

A total of 3,590 Internet users answered questions about their ISPs, examining topics such as overall satisfaction, primary access locations, and intentions to select a new ISP.

Most participants in the survey were basically satisfied with their ISPs, although 16% said they plan to change ISPs within six months.

The most frequently mentioned complaints about ISPs were slow log-in times, too many busy signals and expensive prices.

ISPs identified in the survey include: Earthlink Network; Prodigy; Microsoft Network; WebTV; Netcom; MindSpring Enterprises; America Online; AT&T WorldNet; InternetMCI; Erol's Internet; Sympatico; and BellSouth.net.

A detailed summary of the results is available at survey.com.