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Inktomi to Debut Traffic Server 2.0

Inktomi Corp. today announced the release of the latest version of its carrier-class network cache, Traffic Server 2.0, which will feature enhancements including what the company said is the world's first streaming media caching.

According to the company, Traffic Server speeds access to the Internet and expands existing networks' capacity. Product upgrades include advanced features for Web hosting, support for Internet protocols, and an average 25% performance increase over the previous version.

Traffic Server 2.0 is now able to deliver streaming media caching, co-developed with Real Networks. Support for the soon-to-be-released RealNetworks G2 system cache components are included, and have been tightly integrated with Traffic Server to provide distributed caching of multimedia content.

The combined media caching solution is designed to transmit high-bandwidth content closer to users, as well as improve quality of service and accelerating the adoption of audio and video on the Internet.

Advanced Web hosting on Traffic Server 2.0 include advanced support for high-traffic Web hosting providers, allowing them to geographically distribute content within their hosting networks to enable quicker delivery and minimize server overload. Traffic Server now deploys management features necessary in large-scale content distribution, including cache "pinning" so that key pages are always in the cache, support for multiple host sites, and logging support for integration with billing systems.

Traffic Server 2.0 supports a variety of Internet protocols in the same system in addition to HTTP, FTP, and RTSP. Traffic Server 2.0 also supports:

  • Usenet news (NNTP): Traffic Server is the first cache product to offer transparent caching of NNTP, in cooperation with cache redirection switch vendors Alteon Networks and Foundry Networks. NNTP caching reduces a significant source of network traffic, freeing up bandwidth and server resources for other services.

  • Inter Cache Protocol (ICP): Support for ICP allows Traffic Server to interoperate with other elements in the network, including legacy caches and new services such as the SkyCache satellite broadcast network.

  • Management protocols (SNMP): The SNMP standard further extends the suite of management capabilities offered in the Traffic Server product and allows administrators to manage caches from within existing monitoring systems.

Slated for release in October, Traffic Server 2.0 will be available at no cost to current customers with upgrade subscriptions. The media cache option will be sold separately, and is planned for availability when RealNetworks' G2 system and cache components are released.

"Our customers are very interested in technology that enhances the Internet experience for end users while simultaneously enabling new revenue streams," said Dennis McEvoy, vice president of development and support at Inktomi. "The new Traffic Server product serves as a flexible infrastructure platform to help Internet providers build differentiated performance and value-added services."

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